Which beer drinker are you?

Beer is among the most preferred beverages from all over the world and there is certainly no denying the fact that people love this alcoholic beverage to the brim of the cup. However being a mere beer drinker isn’t quite the convention that we would be ideally looking forward to.  Which beer drinker are you?

Beer drinkers are of various types and by any chance if you have been quite acquainted with that friend of yours that would go crazy for Heineken, then please don’t blame him.

It is said that beer is an acquired taste, but taking a look at the statistics from the point of view of an aspiring anthropologist (well that pretty much sums who I am), things can be quite a bit different.

Let’s take a look at what kind of potential beer drinker you are


The guy that never gets hit: So you are practically 3 bottles down and somewhat are able to transcend a perfect pitch up the baseball arena, well in that case you are among those guys that practically never get hit by the alcoholic induction in the blood stream.

The any beer pumpkin or Beer-o-maniac: Well in this case if you have a liking for virtually any beer, then you are certainly a beer pumpkin for it is more than simply an acquired taste for you in here.

The talkative nuisance: Yes, we can contemplate to the fact that a major rush of emotions certainly take over your otherwise introvert nature and suddenly you become pretty much similar to that of the talkative person that you always wish to avoid.

The admirer, A.K.A the connoisseur: If you belong to the category of people that have a genuine liking towards the amazing feeling that the most amazing beer is able to greet you with then you belong to this category. Congratulations for you are among the rare connoisseurs of an authentic beer taste from the ages.

The emotional life preacher: Well, if you have a different take on life and its virtues and somewhat bring them up while having beer then congratulations my friend, you just found your spot in this list. Do not worry; it is necessarily a pretty good thing for its does help to envision life in a different way at times though.

To be honest, no matter what type of beer drinker you are, it is definite that you are an admirer of this wonderful alcoholic beverage and that is definitely what brings all of us together at the end of the day. So cheers to that mate!


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