Very simple and useful Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss


In a society which is always pushing you to do better and to succeed, stress becomes the major factor, which in turn is the biggest reason of weight gain. Even though there are many ways that may be introduced to you for weight loss, we tend to get lost and confused on what is best for our body and so we tend to keep switching at times from one diet to other and some diets are not even scientifically proven right. But there are very simple and useful Ayurvedic tips for weight loss that people should do.
Well in cases like these, it is always better to go back to our basic and look into our old ways of living. The time where Ayurveda was the  only thing available and it still stands the best in the word. Well, if that is the case, there are many tips and ways that are explained in Ayurveda and are very much helpful in loosing weight.


  1. Drinking a glass full of warm water first thing in the morning with a lemon in it. This actually boost your metabolism and helps you burn more calories through out the day,


  1. Finding out peace for a few minutes in the morning. sitting in peace for few minutes in the morning makes your ready for the rest of the day and if you notice doing this will reduce your stress level to a bigger extend.


  1. Having 3 meals in a day, and make sure no snacking. Food is fuel to body and it is the easiest fuel to burn, so if there is a constant supply of fuel to your boy then the body might forget how to burn it. So it’s very much important to give body time to burn the fats that are stored in the body.


  1. Easting with the season and the region. Always remember fruits and vegetables which are not seasonal and are not from the region are being imported and for that they are treated with chemicals which in long run harms your body. It’s always best to eat seasonal vegetables which are grown in the region.


  1. Early to bed and Early to rise. Well this is something we keep hearing from our parents but never bother to give notice to. It’s time that we start focusing on the day cycle and make it regular for our better health.


  1. Triphala and it’s amazing qualities. Triphala is one the best way to reduce weight. Mixing a spoon of it in a glass of water and leave it overnight. In the morning, boil the mixture till it become half the amount and then leave to to become lukewarm. Once it is drinkable form mix honey as per your need and drink it. You will be surprised to see the effects of it on your body and the amazing way it helps in reducing weight.


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