Try these Ayurvedic tips and improve your eyesight

Eyes are the most beautiful feature of every living being and every pair has got a story to tell, so it’s very important to take care of them. Lets try these Ayurvedic tips and improve your eyesight.


  1. Triphala Eye wash:


A teaspoon of triphala powder in a glass of water and keep it stay for the night. Use the water to wash your eyes in the morning. This helps in cleaning the eyes and giving proper hydration to the eyes.


  1. Eating Amla:


Amla juices is very good for eyes. Extract fresh juice of amla and have 20 ml twice daily.

  1. Triphala Benefits for eyes:

Triphala strengthens the muscles of the eyes and it actually helps in eyesight. It helps in curing many eye diseases like cataracts, conjunctivitis, etc. It is helpful in treating impaired vision.

  1. Garlic for the eyes:


the extract from garlic is very string and the strong essence of it helps in improving eye sight. It is even used to get back the lost eye sight. Regular use of it is very beneficial to eye’s health.

  1. Rose Petals:


Modernly known as gulabari, rose petals are used to improve external and internal eye vision. It is a gentle pamper that every one should give to there eyes. These gives us freshness and provide hydration to eyes.

  1. Ghee:


Move to your kitchen and find the most common thing used. That home made ghee is the best we can get and that is so pure to be used on our eyes. Gentle rub on our eyes cane help us improve eye sight, as the eyes are exercised in the process of gentle rub and so it is good for our eyes.

  1. Bhringraj


Bhringraj paste is used to improve eye vision by applying a small coat of it after mixing it with the oil and making a paste out of it. This helps in providing nutrients to the eyes and so are good for it.


  1. Black Pepper:


Black pepper must be mixed with honey before the mixture is applied on the eyes. It soothes the eyes and provide the calmness that our eyes need after the strain they go through because of the lights and everything around.



I was even surprised to know that even a prolonged constipation and nervous debility can cause problems in eye sight and then that was the day when I became more cautious about what I eat, how much I eat and how good I am in taking care of my eyes.

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