Tea or coffee – Which one do you prefer? Revealing the health benefits of both!


Tea and coffee top the list of widely consumed beverages in the world. More than 2 billion people in the world consume tea every morning and almost 60 percent of the adults drink coffee in the morning. Tea or coffee – Which one do you prefer? Revealing the health benefits of both!

How do you define a perfect start of your day?

Is it with a cup of tea or coffee?


Tea and coffee in our daily routine

It is a kind of addiction! Yes, there are many people who cannot keep going without a cup of strong tea or coffee in the morning. Most of us are addicted to these drinks. It helps us to relax, relieve, refresh, and restart our daily routine. It is in fact, gives us more energy to continue our day productively. A cup of coffee or tea can change your bad mood to good and convert your laziness into active!

Dear Tea lovers, feel blessed! Here are the health benefits of Tea

  • Having 3-4 cups of tea will cut the chances of heart attack
  • Type 1 diabetes is prevented and it also slows down its progressions
  • Having 4 cups of black tea will reduce the level of stress hormone
  • Fluoride content in tea will protect your teeth
  • 10 cups of green tea a day prevents you from liver disorders (mainly for men)
  • Green tea can prevent lung cancer
  • Green tea fights against esophageal cancer in women
  • Green and white tea has anti-ageing potential
  • White tea prevents obesity and they are hydrating
  • Effective results on bone health, vision health, and weight loss



Risks of drinking too many cups of tea

Eventually, you get addicted drinking tea and skipping tea can be very difficult. It also has adverse effects if you exceed more than 3 times a day.

Dear coffee lovers, you can feel good about having a cup of coffee! Here are the health benefits

  • Prevents type 2 diabetes
  • Prevents and reduces the risks of heart diseases
  • Prevents and protects liver cancer and liver damages
  • Decreases the risk of gout
  • Alzheimer’s disease risk is reduced
  • Improve the short term memory
  • Best cure for treating heart diseases and insomnia
  • The caffeine content of coffee increases the effect of painkillers
  • Improves the athletic performance



Potential risks of coffee addiction

Excess consumption of coffee can lead to iron deficiency and it increases the chances of migraines, gastroenteritis and also disturbs your sleep cycle.

Having few cups of coffee and tea can definitely improve your health but having more frequently would result in poor health. Stick to your daily routine and cut down the number of cups gradually.

Are you tempted to have a cup of tea or coffee?
Go and grab your hot cup now!

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