Signs for maintaining a Healthy Relationship

We all know the fact that we are different from each other. In many ways such as: our likes, dislikes, values, interests etc. There are different perceptions and opinions of the people which impacts the relationship. Maintaining healthy relationship is an important element for good health and happiness.
Following are the signs for maintaining a healthy relationship.

Emotional Intelligence

This works in any kind of relationships. You should keep calm when your spouse has had a difficult day at work or is worried about something. If you have something to says or an opinion to express, then you should look for the right time when he or she is ready to listen. Heated arguments are often not good for long term relationships.

Give Space

It’s good that you are in relationship and love each other. But everyone has a life outside this relationship. Except from your honeymoon period, do not expect the other to be sticking to you all the time. Being in a relationship does not mean that always your lifestyle, habits, likes-dislikes and opinions will match. No relationship is perfect. It should be worked out with time and made perfect. People will have other social obligations to keep and other engagements to be taken care of outside the relationship he/she is sharing with you.


Like most relationships, communication is the key to a love relationship as well. You should clearly communicate to your partner what you expect out of the relationship. Just keeping silent and expecting them to understand may not always happen. This will only keep intriguing frustration inside you and slowly would kill your relationship.


This might not seem so important at the first instance but it is most important aspect of any relationship. A relationship where any of the partner is not proud of having you and do not respect you whether on personal front or in public is of no use. Such kind of relationships are never successful.

Accept the flaws

In first instance, you might have liked the other person due to their outer looks or due to what they appear in public. Be ready for surprises when you enter a relationship. On some days, their face might be full of pimples and hair are all messy. They might be rude and not always smiling. All this would be way different from the public image that you liked. So, spending some time personally before committing is very important. Also, this is part and parcel of all relationship, it does not change with changing the person. This courtship period defines the difference between an infatuation and love. In love, you accept the other person completely with their flaws.


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