Shop till you drop – A dummy’s guide in Dubai

It’s a no brainer that Dubai is synonymous to Shopping. Shop till you drop – A dummy’s guide in Dubai as to What really makes Dubai a Shopper’s paradise compared to the likes of Thailand or Bali is the epitome of enjoyment you derive in wandering and ultimately getting lost in large malls.

The best advice I can give when visiting the shopping hub of the Middle East is to carry an extra pair of hands (read luggage), to carry all the bargains back! You can thank me later! 🙂

Shoppers Alert!
Brace yourself, we take you through Dubai’s most popular spots which should be on you must-visit when
you are there:

Mall of the Emirates

Located on the Sheikh Zayed Road, Mall of the Emirates, the luxurious shopping centre, is home to approximately 560 international brands, more than 700 stores and 11 anchor stores. Adorned with shimmering marble floors and spacious avenues, this mall offers retail options from high street to haute couture. If you are looking out for some stunning collections related to fashion, sports, lifestyle, electronics, jewellery, watches, furniture, cosmetics or perfumes, then Mall of the Emirates should be your destination.

#Shopper’s Tip: For those wanting to indulge in some extravagant retail therapy, head here. From Prada to Louis Vuitton, they have it all! With the hotel inside, one can rest and dine and shop all over again. After all, you have 220,000 square feet of retail paradise to cover!

Dubai Mall

In between your shopping adventures, you can dine at restaurants like Taco Bell or Al Habab Restaurant
and perhaps indulge in some ice skating, watch movies at their theatres, visit the underwater aquarium and
zoo or even take a trip to the top of the iconic Burj Khalifa!

#Shopper’s Tip: Festival time is definitely the best time to go. During festive seasons like Ramadan,
operating hours are extended from the usual 10 am to 10 pm to 10 am to 1 am! And don’t forget about the
super cheap sales!

Souks – Not your typical street side stalls!
Souks are Middle Eastern-style bazaars. Bustling with people, culture and history; Dubai’s traditional
markets are sensory spectacles.

The Textile Souk is located in Bur Dubai, just outside the Al Fahidi historic district, where rugs are bought and sold alongside any manner of silks and coloured garments. Grab a good bargain so that you don’t end up paying double the cost.

Gold Souks – The quality of gold and the designs are definitely better in Dubai, but in terms of price, one
should be prepared to haggle. The authenticity of the traditional Dubai experience here is not to be missed!
The Spice Souk is something you’ll smell before you see it. Once you’ve fallen in love with Emirati food,
this is the place to get your saffron, nuts, cardamom seeds, cinnamon, and rose petals wholesale. The
souk in the Deira district has the best spices.

#Shopper’s Tip: Bargain your guts out at these Souks to get value for money. Dubai leaves customers spoilt for choice; so shop till you drop on your shopping escapade!

Buy-the- bay, keep shopping.

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