Why Patanjali products are successful in FMCG industry

It was just 1995, when Ramdev got the publicity for his Yoga and was a yoga teacher in Haridwar when his associate Acharya Balakrishnan, decided to start a herbal and Ayurvedic medicines. These medicines became so popular in no time, which led them to start other products along with it. When it comes to FMCG industry there are many factors which play important role, that is why Patanjali  products are successful in FMCG industry. Patanjali, happened to suddenly make hikes in the production and also made a repo in no time. There are many factors that played role in making these products famous and telling success stories of Patanjali.


  1. Pricing: When it came to fast moving consumer goods, it is very important that the pricing is affordable and can make a difference in middle class society. The products are priced in a way that they are affordable to middle class people, making it famous.
  2. Outlets: Outlets at easy places and every where. On matter which part of city you live in, there is always a Patanjali store near by. Even if it’s not a store, they made sure that they collaborate with any shop to provide there products to people, so as to make there availability at every place.
  3. Media: At times, Patanjali or people related to it made sure that they stay in media or in news so as to keep there presence noticed. So as Ramdev baba as a yoga teacher on Sanskar or on Aastha channel. He always acknowledged media in making of Patanjali saying “Patanjali ko banane me 10 percent humara role hai or baaki media ka”. He made sure to use the media which is reachable to each and every person in the country.
  4. Made in India: The time when even our Prime Minister talks about products made in India, something which is top to bottom India will be noticed and accepted by everyone. The purity of the products were well established by publicising the brand in media in a very simple yet a powerful manner. We call it “Swadesi Factor”. The company talks about keeping Indian money in India and co exist with other companies with pride of being Indian.
  5. Number of Products: Talk about the number of products, the company has got everything from cosmetics to biscuits to weight loss to turmeric powder to washing powder to making you fair. Patanjali has also started new items which were made my foreign countries but now are all swadesi. They even make toothpaste, detergent to Indian unpolished pulses.

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