How Can You Partner With Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) For Regular Income?

Partner With CCD For Regular Income

Partner With CCD For Regular Income

Specifications for the rental space, Partner With CCD For Regular Income

Partner With CCD For Regular Income: It is more likely that you have visited a Cafe Coffee Day outlet and enjoyed one of their popular beverages. The cafe chain had over 1530 outlets across all the Indian states as on March 2015. It has a presence in five other countries namely Austria (Vienna), Czech Republic, Malaysia, Egypt, and Nepal. It grows coffee in its own estates of over 12,000 acres in the district of Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka and set up its first CCD outlet on 11 July 1996 in Bengaluru.

If you are looking to take advantage of the brand’s established name and start a franchise, you should know that CCD does not work on the franchise model. However, it offers to partner with those that “own a commercial or commercially converted/convertible retail space on a rental/revenue share basis,” according to the chain’s website. This means that if you have a space that meets their specifications you can lease it to CCD to earn a regular income.

Specifications for the rental space

To partner with CCD, the space you wish to rent should have the following specifications:

  1. Retail Space Area: 1,000 to 1,500 Sq ft (Ground Floor)
  2. Minimum Frontage: 25 running feet
  3. Sufficient Parking space

Other partnering opportunities, Partner With CCD For Regular Income

Details to send

If the rental space that you have meets the specifications provided above, you can write to CCD with the following details:

  1. Name(s) of one or all the owners of the retail space.
  2. Postal Residential Address, Contact Numbers and email id of the owner/owners
  3. Postal Address of the Retail Space
  4. Retail Space Area (square feet) Frontage of the Retail Space
  5. Photographs of your location
  6. Demographics of the catchment area

Region Contact person E-mail address

  • South India- Karthik B.S-
  • Bengaluru- Raju S.R-
  • Madhusudhan B.C-
  • Tamil Nadu / Chennai – Harish-
  • AP / Telangana / Hyderabad – Sarath Babu-
  • Kerala- Harigovind-
  • North India / NCR- Nishant Ranjan-
  • Abhishek Saxena-
  • Syed Sahban –
  • Jatan Sondhi-
  • Punjab / J&K- Nishant Ranjan
  • Satish Chand-
  • Kolkata -Bikash Shaw
  • Mumbai- Nikhil Khanolkar
  • Ambish Kashmiri-
  • Dilip Singh-
  • Vishal Suvas Telkar-
  • Rest of Maharashtra -Vikas Adsule-
  • Gujarat- Malav Acharya-
  • International- Bharath Gowda-

Other partnering opportunities

Apart from taking your rental space on lease for running a cafe, CCD allows existing businesses to advertise through their outlets and merchandise. It is done through their large wall spaces which can attract the customer with eye-catching brand messages to 3D table stickers, to branded tissue papers, etc.

The coffee chain’s major selling point like most cafes is the space or the ‘hang out’ area for the youth. Studies suggest that youngsters spend up to 45 minutes a day at a cafe every day, giving CCD the opportunity to advertise subtlety through campaigns rather than conventional models of advertising. If your brand’s target audience is the youth, you can contact CCD to promote it in their already existing large customer base.


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