KYC Process to Delink Aadhaar from Mobile

KYC process to Delink Aadhaar

KYC Process to Delink Aadhaar

The Supreme Court last week cancelled Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act which provided that private companies can ask for consumers aadhaar details for identity verification. So, if you have given your aadhaar details to your TSP or telecom service provider you would now need to go through a fresh KYC procedure and provide another proof of identity.

New KYC Process Required To Delink Aadhaar From Mobile

After the judgment, all TSPs are asked by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to come up with a plan to delink aadhaar from mobile number within a fortnight. The UIDAI said, “All TSPs shall take immediate cognisance of the request for delinking Aadhaar with mobile number… and may take appropriate action to perform fresh KYC as per DoT-approved list of proof of identity and address within six months from date of request to avoid de-activation of the mobile number”.

So, if you have linked your mobile number with aadhaar, you may be required to provide another proof of identity. In its communication post Supreme Court verdict, UIDAI cleared that TSPs can no longer ask for Aadhaar number for issuing new SIM cards or for the re-verification of the existing SIMs.

Also, the unique ID body has asked all operators to inform consumers about the facility to delink their mobile number and aadhaar from their database.

Further, as per a leading daily report, aadhaar may still be required for availing subsidised LPG cylinders. Also, while it may not be required to get a passport, applicants requiring the document under the Tatkal scheme may need to furnish the unique ID.


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