Key Advantages,Features and Tips to Choose the best Health Insurance Policies

Health plan has become the need of every individual and everyone wants to get the best coverage at an affordable amount. Many people choose offline plans, but it was a time taking process and expensive too. It is better for you to buy the desired health plan online at an affordable price.

Even if you go for your regular routine health checkups, you have to spend a great deal of money. If you are suffering from any major disease, then all your savings and income is spent on the treatment. Health insurance policy provides some great features and advantages for the health care treatment of the policy holder. Some of the benefits and features of the Health insurance Policy are as follows –

  • Tax benefits of the Health Insurance

A policy holder can save a sum of amount Rs. 25, 000 as the security from the taxes if the age of the policy holder is age 60 or above. As per the Income tax act, 1961 tax benefit is enjoyed by the policy holder under the section 80D of Income tax Act.

  • Health insurance by the company

An employee spends half of their lives and sacrifice their festivals and other happy hours and work day and night, in returns, the company offers the employees a medical check – up and even the company provide coverage for the family, parents or children who all are covered under the Health Insurance Policy.

  • Claim Settlement ratio

One should always compare the ratio of the Insurance company from which he or she is thinking to buy any health insurance. There is always uncertainty in the mind of the policyholder that at the hour of need, what if the company will not give us enough money to settle down the policy claim. If the company holds a good claim settlement record than the policy holder need to worry less.  [Compare the best Health Insurance]


There are different types of plans that are offered by the insurance company. Anyone can choose from the following health insurance plans as per their need and requirement –

  • Individual Health Insurance Plans – This plan provides a safety and insurance to an individual against the various health problems that are covered under the Health Insurance Plan policy.

  • Family Floater Health Insurance Plans – This plan provides a safety cover for the entire family and during the hour of emergency, any family member can use the insurance benefit.

  • Critical illness Health Insurance Plans – This plan covers the cost of treatment, medication, and fees of various expensive technology and therapy that are required for the treatment of the Critical illness like cancer, heart attack and etc.

  • Maternity Insurance plans – The Plan covers the expense that a policy holder faces at the time of the child birth, in case of cesarean surgery or in normal delivery.

  • Pre – existing Disease cover Plan – This plan is the disease that a policyholder has acquired even before he or she bought the Health Insurance Policy. This plan is considered by various insurance policies after 2-4 years of pre – existing disease.

  • Senior citizen Health Insurance Plans – This plan is the best friend for the old age people, as it covers the health concern of old age and provides proper assistance.

  • Employee Health Insurance Plans

  • Personal Accident Insurance – This plan helps the policy holder in case of partial or total temporary of permanent disability during an accident that may cause a loss of a family earning.

  • Hospital discharge papers are required

  • All the bills of medical stores

  • A prescription paper by the doctor and the papers of doctor’s consultation fees.

  • All the papers and bills of hospitalization of the policy holder. Papers should be attached by the signature of the Policy Holder.

  • Duly filled insurance claim form

  • Valid Policy papers


Tips To Compare Medical Plans In India

Comparison of health plans in India is a tricky thing and a lot of people make common mistakes like only comparing annual premiums and ignoring other important features like annual check-up, room-rent capping, pre-existing disease coverage, pre and post hospitalization expense coverage, etc. Here are some of the tips that can help you avoid such mistakes and choose a medical policies that fits your requirements.

  • Don’t Just Focus On Premiums

It will be good for you to compare features of the plan rather than the premium as features play a vital role during the policy period.

  • Provide accurate information

While purchasing online, review your proposal form and make sure that you provide accurate information as insurer can reject your claim if he doesn’t find the information accurate.

  • Keep Medical Costs In Mind

It is essential to check the medical cost inflation, only then you will be able to decide the right sum assured amount.

  • Consider family floater plans

If you have a family, then it is advisable for you to buy a floater plan instead of an individual policy. It will provide much benefit and save your money as well.

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