Is your TDS actually going to government? Here’s how to check

If you are a salaried person, you must have surely come across the term TDS. TDSstands for tax deducted at source – the tax that is deducted from your salary by your employer and paid to the government against your Permanent Account Number (PAN).

After TDS, the employers issue the Form 16 to you, which is your salary or income certificate and contains details of income and taxes paid. Employers deposit tax deducted at source on a quarterly basis, and usually Form 16s are issued after the end of a financial year.

The term TDS is hogging headlines as the Income Tax Department recently unearthed a scam where 447 companies were deducting taxes from their employees but not depositing the amount with the government and instead diverting them for personal or business interests. The scam worth Rs. 3,200 crore comes in the wake of various banking and financial scams that have rocked the country recently.

Since TDS is deducted at the source, employees normally don’t worry about it. However, as an employee you may land in trouble if the TDS is deducted but not deposited with the government. You will get a notice from the I-T Department for discrepancies in Form 16 and Form 26AS. This brings us to the question: how as an employee can you check if your TDS has been deposited and that there’s no mismatch in details?

To save you from trouble, we present a step-by-step guide. You don’t need to wait for your Form 16 to see if it matches with the details in Form 26AS. The TDS deducted is reflected in your salary slip and can be checked there.

Form 26AS contains information about deducted tax, details of tax deducted at source, tax collected at source, details of advance tax, refunds, and high value transactions deducted on behalf of the taxpayer.

In simpler terms, the form indicates the TDS deducted from your salary and deposited to the government against your PAN. Since the TDS deposited is linked with your PAN, you can easily check if it has been deducted and verified through Form 26AS.

How To Check TDS Deduction:

* The TDS deducted can be checked quarterly by visiting the income tax e-filing website.

* Login to the income tax filing website using your login and password.

* Click on the View Form 26 AS tab on the right. This will direct you to TRACES website.

* To download the Form 26As from the TRACES website you have click on Tax Credit (Form 26As option).

* Form 26As can also be downloaded by PAN holders who have netbanking account with participant banks. You just have to login to your bank’s internet banking website and click on the option provided to view Form 26AS.
* The taxpayers can also receive information about the TDS deposited against their PAN numbers through SMS alerts. Therefore, all taxpayers should update their correct and active mobile numbers in their e-filing account.

* To avoid mismatches, ensure that a correct PAN number is provided to your employer. Any kind of discrepancy should be informed to your employer immediately and a revised form 16 should be issued.

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15 Thoughts to “Is your TDS actually going to government? Here’s how to check”

  1. Sumit

    How and where to make complaint if tds not deposited by the employer

    1. Col S.J. Mujumdar

      To the complaint cell of the ITD or alternatively to the addressee to whom you send your IT return.

  2. Cornelio

    It was great to know the goings of TDS, any thanks.

  3. Anil Singhal

    If employer or deductor of Tax at Source do not correct or do not show Tax deducted at source, Please inform to whom we should address such lapse of the employer or deducutor at Sorce?

  4. Gautam

    Suppose any body TDS is not deposited in government account and employer deny to deposit what are options left with employee.

  5. Saheed subdaar kabaal singh

    Yup directly going to government

  6. John

    Who do you inform if the employer does not pay the TDS to the govt and not give the form 16 on time ?

  7. Shivakumar B patil

    Good one

  8. Manish

    I checked my form 26A and found nothing has been deposited while my employer has reiterated several times that they are depositing TDS…. and that they are ready to show the reciepts of deposit… am not sure where is the issue.please guide how to deal

  9. Ganesh

    I want to return the TDS for financial year 2017-2018. Could you please anyone help me on this?


    When the TDS is not paid to the IT, this can be dropped ever from them allowing the individual tax payer to credit their tax along with form 16, at the time of submitting Tax filing.

  11. K Yagnaraman

    If employer is a govt organisation and they say they deposited TDS to IT dept.what employee or pensioner can do.i can only file return as per form 16 which is issued by govt officer with stamp.i donot thing we can fight with govt organisation at the same time if I pay again tax ,it amounts to double taxation for me. Being senior citizen and physically handicapped what can I do when organisation say they deposited the TDS amount as per form 16, I think I T dept has to take up with such organisation.also there can be mistake from I T dept also in posting TDS details in their web site

  12. Jitender Pal Singh

    Very nicely explained – thanks

  13. Bhanu Singh

    Could any one help me , how to file tds return for Financial year 2016 -17-18.

  14. Rajaram

    As I am a defense pensioner and like to deposit my investment certificates to my pension bank .Bank manager not accept my investment certificates and advised file the certificates to IT dept. individually .If so ,where I should submit my investment certificates. please guide me. I like to file my IT and be a good citizen of India.

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