5 Important Services Offered by Indian Railways

Indian Railways Facilities

 Indian Railways Facilities

Indian Railways provide several amenities for both in trains as well as at stations to make travel comfortable and enjoyable. From medical facilities to catering services, there are a host of features offered by railway. Most of the important trains have pantry car facilities. The passenger can contact the train coach attendants or other authorised catering staff of railway in order to avail the services, said Indian Railways on its portal- indianrailways.gov.in. At stations, cloakrooms and waiting rooms facilities are also offered.

Services offered by Indian Railways:

1. In many trains, bedrolls are supplied free of cost, to all passengers traveling in AC First Class, AC 2-Tier, and AC 3-Tier. However, in Garib Rath Bedrolls are provided on payment of Rs. 25 per bedroll set.

2. Catering is also arranged in trains where this facility is not available. Most important stations have vegetarian and non-vegetarian refreshment rooms and light refreshment stalls managed by railway. The detailed menu and tariff are displayed in the refreshment rooms.

3. Guards/train superintendents or pantry car managers are equipped with first aid boxes. The front line staffs are also trained to administer first aid to sick persons. In case of any medical emergency passengers can approach traveling ticket examiner/train superintendent who will try to arrange relief through onboard facilities and try to locate doctors among passengers of a train. If required traveling ticket examiner/train superintendent shall transmit a message to one of the oncoming stations. Details of nearby medical practitioners and hospitals along with their addresses are maintained by stations masters/deputy stations superintendents. Efforts will be made to arrange doctor/medical relief at the coming stations. Medical treatment will be provided by the doctor on payment of reasonable charges. In case hospitalisation is required, the passenger may have to discontinue his journey, stated Indian Railways.

4. At all the major railway stations Cloakrooms and safety locker facilities are available. where people can keep their luggage safely. The luggage, kept in the cloakroom for a maximum period of one month, on payment of prescribed charges.

5. Waiting room facility is available at major railway stations for use by the passenger. Travelers can use this facility for free of cost by just showing their train tickets for a few hours till the connecting train arrives.

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    Nice plans. Feeling happy to these new services offered by Indian railway. Thank You.

  2. Dr Jose Jacob

    For the attention of the Railways. Please arrange to display the phone numbers of the train attendants, superintends, TTE, Pantry Car Managers in the train boggies

    It is better to write the rules of railways in each compartments so that the passengers will be getting some recent information

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