How to Grow Long Hair

Long hairs are one of the symbol of beauty and youth. Everyone wants long and silky beautiful hairs but the question is how to grow long Hairs. It’s a whole process of taking care of your hairs and diet to get that long shining hairs. One must take care of the hairs externally as well should maintain a proper diet to nourish good growth of long silky hairs.

Cut Them Regularly

Trim your hairs regularly, this will ensure healthy and fast growth of your hairs. Trimming hairs help reduce the damaged hairs. The hairs with split ends are removed from your scalp and leaving behind healthy looking shining hairs.

Oil Your Hairs

Follow a bi-weekly regime to oil your hairs. Take some good oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Warm the oil a bit. Take oil in your finger tips and apply to your hair roots. Now with tips of your fingers massage oil gently into your roots. Then swipe it through the length of the hairs. Leave it overnight and wash it off in morning.


Do not Share Your Hair Gadgets

Remember not to use the towel or brush used by other people. Even when you go to parlor ask for properly sterilized equipment to be used on your head. This will ensure a healthy scalp. When we use common brush and towel, we are likely to also share their scalp problems like dandruff and lice. Also, ensure that if you suffer from any such scalp issues then you should treat it with proper therapy and see that it is treated completely. These problems tend to result in hair fall and thinning of your hairs.


Home Made Oil

You can mix some vitamin e capsules into your daily oil to ensure proper growth of your hairs. Try to prepare your own special health oil by mixing some essential oils like sesame oil, vitamin E oil, olive oil. This will again ensure that you grow healthy and shining hairs.



Precautions with Heating Tools

One should take proper care while using heating tools on their hairs. Apply heat protectant serums before applying heating tools on your hairs. Do not overheat the hairs with heat applicant tools. Avoid using these tools as much as possible. Oil your hairs properly after you come back from your occasion. Wash your hairs properly after you have applied the serums and sprays to style your hairs to take off all the chemicals from your hairs.


Protein Diet

Increase your protein intake like fish, beans, nuts and whole grains to feed your hairs from inside and inculcate healthy growth of your hairs.





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2 Thoughts to “How to Grow Long Hair”

  1. Hello
    I do above mentioned regularly
    Still hv lost lot of hair
    I want healthy hair
    Wht to do

    1. Supriya Tiwari

      Kanchan there could be many reasons why you are loosing hairs. In case this is too much than normal, you should definitely consult a doctor in case you are facing this too much. It might be an indication of some kind of problem in your body.

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