Holi celebrations easy food items

1. Thandai

The most common and a must drink for Holi. Thandai with the addition of bhang brings more fun and entertainment to the Holi celebrations. Without this drink, no Holi celebrations are marked as complete. This is made with milk. For children to drink thandai is also served without bhang.


The festival of colors is back again this year to fill our lives with fun and joy. It’s Holi time again. This is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in northern India to mark the end of a demon named Holika signifying the victory of good over evil. Continuous playing will make you feel exhausted and hungry. Without sweets and drinks, the Holi celebration is incomplete. Here are few easily made food items to satisfy your hunger and make holi brighter and joyful.

2. Gujiya

This traditional Rajasthani sweet dish is a must have dish for holi. This is made with maida or flour filled with khoya and dry fruit mixture. This can be fried in oil or can also be backed. This sweet really makes your day sweeter.


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3. Shakkar paare and namak paare

These very easy and simple to make snacks makes your stomach full throughout the day. These crisp snacks can be made in two ways- as a sweet dish and a hot dish. These are made with flour and to add the sweet the paare are added to the sugar syrup.


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4. Masala Channa

Fully drenched with colours and water, having something spicy and hot feels like a bliss. Masala channa serves this purpose perfectly. Among all the sweet around, a plate full of spicy channa mixed with onion and chat masala makes your mouth water and this dish adds to your celebrations.


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5. Dahi vada or dahi bhalla

This famous dish of northern and western parts of India is a very good option for holi menu. This dish is made using urad dal and yoghurt. Yoghurt is a cooling agent for the body and it also helps to reduce the effect of bhang. This dish also helps to satisfy you hunger for longer periods.


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6. Bhel puri

This chaat item is favourite for all and is made of puffed rice. It can be made instantly and served. It is the most famous and fastest to make chat item. Playing holi makes you feel hungry after every ten to fifteen minutes and this snack helps you to subside your temporary hunger.


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