Happiness is being married to your friend

Happiness is being married to your friend. Its beneficial if you could find your love in your friend or else make friends with your would be spouse first and then marry him or her. Being friends come with great benefits. Some of them are listed below.

Don’t have to wear the mask

You don’t have to pretend anything if you and your spouse are friends. Both of you would understand each other well and would be okay even with little bit awkwardness of each other. Sometimes this is difficult in case you are not friend before getting into the relationship. There could be situations where you would have to deal with the difficult behavior of your spouse. You might get embarrassed by that kind of his behavior in public however when it happens with friend you would rather join him or her in that awkward situation and won’t mind him behaving like that.

You complement each other

Being friend is altogether a different process than being a husband wife or a girlfriend and boyfriend. When we are friend we like each other’s downside and try to fill that gap. This happens in a husband wife relationship as well but it comes with time. But if you are friend this kind of comfortable zone exists automatically.

You know each other’s family well.

Getting into marriage with an unknown person would mean a whole lot of work to fit into each other’s family. However, when you marry your friend, they would have been introduced into your families already. Your parents and siblings would already be knowing them would be comfortable sharing their daily lives with them. Marrying a friend would mean half of the after marriage work already done.

You share your habits

We become friends because of our commonalities. We share same kind of habits and laugh at similar jokes. We bond deeper with our friends. Rather than searching for that bond in a stranger, it’s better to find it in a friend where it would be already established. When you watch cricket, it would be both of you watching it, when you want to go for a movie, it would be almost the same choice, when you are down, the other would know how to cheer you up. They would be comfortable with your abnormalities as they have already seen it before.

Your relationship tends to be more stable

When you marry a friend, even when with time you lose that passion and romance in your married life, you don’t lose the bond because there is something extra between the two of you. You still love each other even when the life abnormalities have hit you and you have changed as a person.

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