Destinations to Explore before Monsoon Ends

Monsoon is always being loved by everyone and is considered as the best time to travel and explore places. The sparkle and small drops of water brings out the natural beauty of a place indeed making every place worthy to visit to. Destinations to Explore before Monsoon Ends

Some of the best places in India where one can enjoy during monsoon season are discussed as follows:




The landing of the monsoon in India is a wonder, uniquely when it rains in Karnataka. It actually is a feeling for the general population living in the Western Ghats and its natural wealth. The
southern peninsular area of India along its western coastline has a long edge of mountain ranges called the Western Ghats. These mountain ranges are ideal for rainstorm trekking in Karnataka, and the backwoods that proliferate it goes about as the catchment area for the downpours. It has recently been announced a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The expansive agrarian populace and the life in the rain forests of the Western Ghats wake up in the rainstorm, commending this season of wealth.



Kerala is the next best place to visit in India during monsoon. Kerala is a home to the mystical backwaters, catering to its sprawling golden beaches, gently swaying coconut trees and lush green foliage.
Kerala has a pristine beauty with delicious food which acts like delight on the palate and is a must when in the region. Without any doubt, Kerala is one of the best monsoon destinations in India.

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