Countries that Produce Best Chocolates in the World

Countries that Produce Best Chocolates in the World : Gooey, spongy, crumbly, smooth and the one that melts away! You don’t need any of these adjectives to describe the feeling of yes, a chocolate dissolving in your mouth. Let’s just call it our universal love. And for the lesser percentage of people who yet don’t seem to like them, I would say guys just give this article a read and who knows you may have a change of heart.

Here’s doing a countdown at the top 10 best countries in the world, which produce chocolate. As they say, always save the best for the last!

10. Bounty, Snickers, Mars and Twix, some of your favourite brand of chocolates are produced in Denmark. That’s right, making it one of the largest producers of chocolate in the world.

9. The popularly known Ferrero Rocher and others like Venchi, Perugina Sutti are produced by a famous company called Amedei. It produces approximately 6 billion pounds of chocolates every year.

8. Say hello to a whole range of Cadbury’s at the United Kingdom. The Giant Buttons, Nestle Areo, Cadbury Crunchie you name the chocolate and it’s there.




7. Topping the chocolate charts next is France. The sinful indulgence of having alcohol and cocoa packed into one! French chocolates are the ones to die for.

6. Ritter Sport, Milka, Sarroti, Alpia and Kinder Schokolade are some of the top brands that bring Germany on to this list of best chocolate producers in the world. The finest ones are found right here.

5. When Columbus passed on a Mayan trading ship loaded with cocoa beans thinking they were almonds, Spain had received its chocolate in abundance. Steamy hot chocolate with churros, Palmera De Chocolate, Valor, Torras, Trufas and tirma are some of the top brands and delicacies found there.




4. Ibarra, Ricollino, Carlos V chocolate, Taza Chocolate Mexicano – yes Mexico holds these top brands and you can also pick disc shaped chocolates from the local market.

3. Nestle and Lindt and various chocolates have been produced by Switzerland, which makes it rightly known as heaven on earth.

2. Godiva, the Godly chocolate is produced in Belgium along with other renowned brands like Nirvana, Neuhaus and Floranne. 15 chocolate factories and 2000 shops make this a world famous destination for chocolates.

1. Hershey, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, Dagoba and the world of chocolates is found in the United States of America. Your one stop destination for your love of chocolates!




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