Beat the queue at Airports Railway Stations by being honest in paying Income Tax

Beat the queue at Airports Railway Stations by being honest in paying Income Tax:Want to beat the queue at airports, railway stations and toll gates on highways? Filing your income tax returns (ITR) honestly and consistently every year on time can be of help if everything goes according to a new government plan.

The Income Tax department is in the process of chalking out a new policy which will reward taxpayers who are not only honest but also consistent. According to the initial plan, the Central Board of Direct Taxes wants honest taxpayers to get priority access while availing public services at various places, including airports, railway stations and highways, according to a PTI report.

The rewards, meant as a courtesy to taxpayers who pay on time and in full, are also likely to be extended to tax-related works on priority like a hassle-free electronic assessment of tax.

Another reward for honest taxpayers could be civic receptions held by government bodies where they are publicly honoured.

A unique identity number could be given to such taxpayers or their permanent account number (PAN) could be flagged as special as part of this maiden taxpayer facilitation proposal, PTI said.

Once the proposal by the Income Tax department is ready, it will be sent to the finance ministry and then to Prime Minister’s Office before being passed by the cabinet.

The new I-T department policy is understood to have taken its roots in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement last year where he called for giving due importance to honest taxpayers.


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